Our Level one course in Horse Care, focussing upon the principles and practices of horse care and management in a work-based setting.
The learner will focus on areas of interest such as yard work, competition horses, riding, breeding or coaching
You don’t need any previous qualifications or experience to get started.
The course is for one year when Level 2 in Horse care & Management could be a progressive option at the end of the course.


This level is ideal if you’re just starting out in animal care. You want to show you have the basic skills and knowledge you need to work in a supervised role. You may also be looking for a qualification to prepare you for further training or for progression to Level 2 qualifications.

For the award, certificate and diploma, you must complete a range of mandatory and optional units. Examples of units may include:

Assist with the care of animals and principles of the care of animals
Principles of dealing with feedstuffs for small animals and assist with feedstuffs for small animals
Assist with animal accommodation
Maintain the safety of self and others in the workplace
Assist with maintaining structures and surfaces and principles of maintaining structures and surfaces
Provide controlled exercise opportunities for animals.

This qualification can start you off on your employment journey to look at careers in animal welfare, zoos, wildlife establishments, dog grooming, pet care and retail, animal training, animal wardens or education and entertainment. No Formal qualifications are required for our level 1 courses